Leo&Go Business


Why choose Leo & Go for your business? 


Save money on your mobility budget. Leo&Go is a more attractive solution than taxi, VTC or even leasing.  

Our prices are automatically adapted to the journeys and the service is all-inclusive: parking in the Leo&Go zone, recharging, insurance and vehicle maintenance.  



With Leo & Go, invoicing is digitized and simplified. You can easily manage the trips of your employees in an administrator back-office dedicated to your company.  

The payment is flexible and adapts to the type of use of your business but also to the means of payment that you prefer.  



To respond to your CSR issues and reduce your carbon footprint, we are committed to offering you green mobility.   

Our cars are eco-responsible with a fleet comprising 100% electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles to meet all needs in a sustainable approach.  



Make your employees happy!


Everything is done in one click from the Leo&Go app, no badge or keys! Your employees can book a vehicle 24/7, whenever they want.  

Everything is digital! Invoicing is done automatically on the company's account.  



Whether for occasional trips, to get to the airport or Lyon St-Exupéry train station or for daily trips, Leo&Go adapts to all needs.  

Your employees can have a professional and a personal account in the same Leo&Go app.  



Our vehicles are eco-responsible and comfortable with 5 seats and a spacious trunk.  

The fleet is made up of 100 electric Peugeot e-208s and 200 Toyota Yaris hybrids to meet all your mobility needs, whatever the distance.  


A flexible solution for all businesses

Leo & Go Business adapts to all companies (SME, Freelance, SA ...) and offers several formulas to better meet the needs of companies with a service that is both economical and eco-responsible: 

As you go

Standard pricing with no service charge 

No registration fees

Standard price: 1 € + 0.30 / min

Packages up to 30 days

More information on the prices page of our site.


Leo&Go credits paid into your account  business








1 000€

2 000€


1 200€

2 500€

Credits to be used within 6 months.

Airport surcharge of 6.99 € per trip not included

To register or for more  information 

Do you want to set up a green, simple and economical mobility solution?  

Fill out the form below and send it back to  bonjour@leoandgo.com  :  











For any contact, question or additional information, contact us on bonjour@leoandgo.com